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 Firm Description

Cohn, Goldberg & Deutsch's tradition of leadership and legal innovation was reaffirmed this year. We made exciting strides in recent years by introducing cutting-edge technologies that improve our customer service, time frames and costs experienced by our clients. We believe this is our key competitive advantage for the future.

Since the firm's inception, its members have consistently combined aggressive advocacy with creative, innovative and practical approaches to solving problems and achieving goals. The firm has spearheaded new theories in law to protect the interests of its clients, as evidenced by published decisions and articles.

At Cohn, Goldberg & Deutsch, LLC, the mainstay of our practice has been the high level of repeat business we enjoy from many long term clients. We believe this is a reflection of the stability and harmony of approach that results from a large association of experienced employees. Our experience has confirmed that by providing seasoned staff with appropriate subject matter expertise, clients consistently received more successful results at a lower cost. We are also able to provide clients with a level of personal services rarely found in larger firms. All attorneys are actively involved in our day-to-day practice. Drawing from our broad professional experience and our excellent national and local network of contacts, our staff has the necessary resources and range of skills to protect the varied interests of our clients.

The firm's principals have clerked for judges in Federal and State courts, taught at prominent schools, published and lectured on a wide range of legal issues and have held executive positions in various corporate and charitable organizations.

Cohn, Goldberg & Deutsch has developed substantial expertise in providing legal services in all aspects of foreclosure work. As a member of both the USFN and the ALFN the firm employs approximately 40 individuals having an average of almost 12 years experience. The staff has gained a unique perspective on federal, state and local laws, an understanding of their historical development and an ability to interpret complicated emerging trends.

One of the strengths of Cohn, Goldberg & Deutsch, LLC is an ability to uncover hidden title problems. After analyzing a problem, we generally can solve it efficiently and quickly, saving clients time and money in accomplishing their goal. The firm draws its expertise from related fields of corporate law, bankruptcy, taxation and litigation to enable it to handle and arrange a client's complete legal needs.

 Firm Practice Groups


Cohn, Goldberg & Deutsch, LLC, a consistent diamond award recipient from the USFN and a member of the NFP has achieved substantial expertise in providing quality representation to lenders, servicers and mortgage companies since its inception. Members of the firm have achieved nationally recognized foreclosure and bankruptcy decisions and publish and lecture regularly throughout the nation. We have achieved among the best time frames in the area while offering among the lowest costs for required advertisements and bonds. This combination has provided a high degree of client recognition and satisfaction. Additionally the firm mails a quarterly newsletter to clients allowing them to stay abreast of changes. The firm follows all FHA, VA, FNMA and FHLMC fee structures and sends monthly status reports.


Cohn, Goldberg & Deutsch, LLC, offers unsecured collection services. This department enhances our foreclosure services, since we can efficiently collect on deficiencies awarded through that process. The firm has represented dozens of national finance companies and debt holders for more than 27 years. Many of our employees are former finance company representatives and well experienced in client needs and demands.

Our firm's various programs offer companies a choice of contingency or flat fees for various types of matters. The flat fee method offers a clear advantage to debt holders in that compensation to our firm is minimized and the return to the client is increased, so much so that the client receives the full balance of its debt including interest and possibly a return of a portion of the attorney fees advanced, if those fees are allowed in the note. Alternatively, the contingency fee method provides for no advanced fees but merely nominal court costs. Please contact Edward Cohn for details at (410) 296-2550 x3008.


Cohn, Goldberg & Deutsch, LLC offers REO and closing services. This department enhances our foreclosure services, since we can efficiently close and/or transfer properties either obtained through the foreclosure process or as a result of a loan origination. The firm offers many closing services including settlements, witness closings and real estate broker referrals.