Landlord-Tenant Lawyers in Towson, MD

The laws regarding landlord/tenant agreements are complicated. You need experienced lawyers by your side in order to evict a renter. That’s because it’s important to do it the right way to avoid lawsuits. Let Cohn, Goldberg and Deutsch, LLC come to your aid. Our landlord-tenant lawyers in Towson, MD, have been representing landlords for many years. We are well-versed in Maryland tenant eviction filings. Some of the services our law firm provide include:

  • Sending Out All Necessary Notices to Occupants
  • Drafting and Filing Motions for Possession
  • Handling Contested Eviction Actions
  • Coordinating Loss Mitigation Alternatives to Eviction
  • Coordinating Lockouts with Local Sheriff Departments
  • Filing a Warrant of Restitution

How to Handle Tenant Problems

No landlord expects to evict a tenant. But sometimes it happens. The ideal scenario is having tenants who are compliant, pay rent on time, and treat your property well. However, occasionally problems arise. If your renters aren’t leaving your property after breaking terms in your contract, you’ll need to take legal action. However, there are many rules governing landlord and tenant relationships. Landlords are required to follow the processes for evictions set forth by the law. So, it’s important to use lawyers who are skilled in this area of law. Schedule a consultation with our landlord-tenant lawyers if you need to evict a renter.

Let Us Help You Reclaim Your Property

For many years, Cohn, Goldberg and Deutsch, LLC has represented landlords in lease disputes, involving multiple apartment complexes, commercial office buildings, and individuals who are leasing home and apartments. We understand that time is of the essence in eviction filings and proceeds. That’s because evictions can sometimes move quickly, as they should to protect your investment. Our lawyers work fast to reclaim your right to your property while legally removing tenants.

Most lease problems occur due disagreements, poor communication, financial difficulties, or ongoing damaged to the property. We help you resolve your dispute through negotiation first. If that can’t be accomplished, we aggressively advocate for your rights and best interests, so the terms of the rental agreement are fulfilled. One of our lawyers will present a persuasive legal argument so that the other party must fulfill his or her obligations under the lease agreement.

Contact us for legal advice if you are having problems with a tenant. We proudly serve clients throughout Towson, as well as Maryland and Washington, DC.

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